Service Agreement

Step into the Spotlight:

1. Book Analysis: We delve deep into your book’s structure, characters, and key moments, unlocking its cinematic potential for adaptation into a thrilling screenplay.

2. Screenplay Writing: Collaborating closely with you, our experienced scriptwriters preserve the essence of your story while skillfully adapting it for the big screen, ensuring a seamless transition that captivates audiences.

3. Iterative Process: Through a meticulous revision and refinement process, we incorporate feedback from both you and our scriptwriters to enhance the screenplay’s quality, ensuring a compelling and engaging cinematic experience.

4. Finalize Screenplay: We meticulously adhere to industry standards, perfecting the screenplay’s format, length, and storytelling elements, making it a ready-to-shoot masterpiece of up to 2.5 hours.

Supercharge Your Script with Community Feedback:

1. Peer Review Process: Before taking Hollywood by storm, our expert readers conduct a rigorous peer review process, providing you with invaluable feedback from experienced professionals.

2. Comprehensive Feedback: Our meticulous reviewers thoroughly analyze your script, delivering detailed comments on 11 key attributes, accompanied by specific examples from the script, empowering you to strengthen its strengths and address its weaknesses.

3. Feedback Incorporation: We work hand in hand with you, collaborating to incorporate the feedback received, guiding you in making revisions that elevate your script to its highest potential.

4. Promotion and Exposure: Once your revised script is polished to perfection, we actively promote it on our platform, ensuring industry pro subscribers take notice. Additionally, enjoy an optional, free posting on Slated, a prestigious film finance platform boasting over 2,000 accredited film investors, maximizing your script’s visibility and attracting potential backers.

Connect with the Powerhouses of the Industry:

1. Research and Target: Our team conducts meticulous research, identifying production companies perfectly aligned with your script’s genre and themes, ensuring your project reaches the right hands.

2. Create a Compelling Package: We craft a compelling package that includes your pitch, screenplay, and relevant materials showcasing your script’s undeniable potential and marketability.

3. Outreach and Submissions: Armed with your package, we take charge, reaching out to carefully selected production companies through various channels, maximizing the chances of securing a positive response.

4. Follow Up and Negotiations: We go the extra mile, following up with production companies, ensuring your package is received and engaging in negotiations to secure a production deal that aligns perfectly with your goals and vision.

Pitch your Dream to the Elite:

1. Identify A-list Buyers: We unlock the doors to Hollywood’s most renowned filmmakers and top producers, handpicking the elite who have a proven track record in your script’s genre or similar themes.

2. Arrange Meetings: Our team orchestrates meetings with these prestigious individuals, either in person or virtually, meticulously coordinating logistics to ensure the perfect platform for pitching your script.

3. Refine the Pitch: We fine-tune your pitch presentation, highlighting your script’s unique selling points while addressing feedback and insights gathered from industry professionals, ensuring a compelling and unforgettable experience.

4. Coaching and Preparation: We offer expert coaching and guidance, empowering you with confidence and preparation, polishing your pitch, presentation skills, and equipping you to handle potential questions and concerns raised by industry professionals.

5. Attend Meetings: With us by your side, we accompany you to these high-stakes meetings, facilitating introductions and providing support throughout. Our presence maximizes the opportunities for fruitful discussions with the A-list buyers in Hollywood. We ensure a smooth and professional environment, allowing you to showcase your passion and vision while leaving a lasting impression on the industry’s power players.

Post-Meeting Follow-Up: Our commitment doesn’t end with the meetings. We understand the importance of nurturing relationships and maintaining momentum. After each meeting, we send personalized thank-you notes, along with any additional materials or requested information, reinforcing your professionalism and dedication to the project. We keep the lines of communication open, tracking progress and leveraging these interactions to further advance your script’s chances of making it to the big screen.

Get ready to turn your book into a blockbuster sensation. With our comprehensive Movie Script service, you’ll receive expert guidance, meticulous analysis, and unparalleled industry connections to transform your story into a cinematic masterpiece. Whether you’re a first-time author or an experienced writer, our team is here to champion your vision and bring it to life on the grand stage. Don’t let your story go untold—unlock its full potential with us and make your mark in the world of cinema.