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Facebook Advertising for books

Introducing our Facebook Advertising services for book promotion!

With over 1000+ authors trusting us, you can be confident that your book will reach the right audience. Our key features include targeted advertising to specific groups of people interested in your book’s genre, boosting traffic to your online bookstore, and growing your Facebook followers.

Facebook has the largest number of active users, and with our expert publicists and strategic approach, your book will gain the online visibility it deserves. Our upmarket pixel technology tracks user behavior on your page and website, allowing us to re-target potential buyers with sales-driving advertisements.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your book to millions of potential readers. Fill out our contact form below and let us help you achieve your book promotion goals with our Facebook Advertising for Books package based on the stats attained, we display sales-driving advertisements to push the audience towards making a purchase.

The best book promotion campaigns succeed because they are carefully developed and customized for individual authors and titles. This means we deep-dive into your work to understand it better. We know how to promote the book to both media and readers. In today’s competitive market with thousands of new titles being released each year, making sure readers discover your work is our priority. Our highly effective strategies to promote your book are always unique, relevant, and creative.


Targeted Reach

Our Facebook advertising services ensure your book is showcased to the specific audience most likely to be interested in your book’s genre, maximizing your reach and impact.


Boost Your Online Bookstore

With Facebook boasting the highest number of active users, tapping into this vast audience becomes essential for authors. Our expertise and the right strategy will drive traffic to your online bookstore, turning visitors into devoted readers.


Grow Your FB Followership

In today’s digital age, your followership is often judged through social media platforms like Facebook. Trust our expert team to help you grow your followers, establishing your online presence and building credibility.


Unleash the Potential of Facebook

With over 2.6 billion users, Facebook presents an unparalleled platform for advertisers, making it the ideal social media platform to promote your work. At World Wide Publicists, we offer tailored Facebook advertising services for books promotion, designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.


Powerful Pixel Technology

We use advanced pixel technology to create your page, enabling us to track real-time user behavior on your page and website. Through retargeting and sales-driving advertisements, we guide your audience towards making a purchase.


Unique, Relevant, and Creative

Our approach to book promotion ensures that campaigns are carefully crafted and customized for individual authors and titles. We dive deep into understanding your work to effectively promote it to both media and readers, ensuring your book stands out amidst the fierce competition.

Facebook Advertising for Books – Plan for Your Success


Professionally Designed Profile Picture


Professionally Designed Cover Photo


Facebook Pixel Setup


Audience Research


Custom Audience Setup


Content Strategy


Monitoring and Monthly Reporting



5 Image Posts used as ads


1 Website Traffic Ad (duration: 5 days)


3 Post Engagement Ads (duration: 5 days each)


1 Conversion Ad (duration: 5 days)

*Ad format, budget, and duration may vary based on ad performance.

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Step into the Spotlight with WORLDWIDE PUBLICISTS's Facebook Advertising

Let Worldwide Publicists take your book to new heights through targeted Facebook advertising. With a well-designed content strategy and expertly crafted ads, your book will garner attention, build engagement, and leave a lasting impression on readers. Embrace the power of Facebook advertising and watch your book soar to new heights of success!