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Competitive Pricing and Exemplary Quality Standards

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Book Publishing and Illustrations

Welcome to the world of book publishing and illustration, where the enchantment of storytelling and artistic prowess converge.

Within this domain, we empower authors and illustrators to meticulously craft their literary and visual masterpieces. For writers, we offer the necessary tools and guidance to navigate the publishing journey, from refining writing skills to preparing manuscripts and implementing effective marketing strategies. Illustrators, on the other hand, will discover inspiration and resources to elevate their craft and infuse stories with their distinctive visual flair. As a vibrant community of creators, we foster connections and encourage collaboration among writers, illustrators, publishers, and literary enthusiasts, all united by a shared ardor for storytelling and visual art.

From the inception of an idea to its ultimate realization, our platform serves as your guiding compass on the path to creative excellence, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the boundless possibilities of book publishing and illustration, where each page becomes a canvas and every word a brushstroke in the grand tapestry of storytelling. Your literary and artistic adventure commences here, where the limits of your imagination cease to exist and your creativity is wholeheartedly celebrated.

Book Publishing and Illustration Services offered by WWP

Important Features

Custom Illustrations

Enhance the distinctiveness of your book with our bespoke interior illustrations and captivating graphic designs for marketing materials. Our talented artists breathe life into your stories, ensuring that your book stands out amidst a saturated market.

Competitive Pricing and Uncompromising Quality Standards

Indulge in our exceptional illustration services at a competitive price, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality. We recognize the need for extraordinary book illustrations and strive to surpass expectations.

Comprehensive Project Timeline

Transparency and professionalism lie at the heart of our values. Rest assured, as we provide you with a comprehensive plan that outlines the services, pricing, and timelines for your project. We are dedicated to delivering on time and as promised.

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Book Publishing and Illustrations


Compact and Minimalistic Illustrations

These illustrations are ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of a text-heavy page. Occupying a quarter of a page or less, they are devoid of any background, making them perfect for chapter headings or corner embellishments. These illustrations primarily focus on a single character or subject, or alternatively, they may depict two uncomplicated characters or objects.


Half Page Illustrations

Our half page illustrations showcase intricate artwork that fills the entire space, captivating viewers with its attention to detail. With the ability to accommodate up to two characters, these illustrations offer a unique opportunity to create a captivating narrative. Moreover, our skilled artists can incorporate additional characters or backgrounds, elevating the visual experience to a mesmerizing level.


Full-page illustrations

Full-page illustrations offer a unique opportunity to showcase your narrative in a visually stunning manner. With meticulous attention to detail, our team of skilled artists will work closely with you to ensure that your vision is fully realized. Whether you are looking to enhance a children’s book, a marketing campaign, or any other creative project.


Spread Illustrations

Envision your literary work adorned with awe-inspiring double-page spreads, where illustrations seamlessly extend across two entire pages, showcasing up to six characters alongside an intricately crafted backdrop of meticulous detail.


Book Cover Design

We specialize in delivering exceptional book cover designs that are tailored to your unique vision. Our team of talented artists and designers will create a custom illustration that captures the essence of your book, ensuring a visually stunning cover that stands out in both ebook and print formats.


Book Design

We excel at crafting a one of a kind interior layout that will leave a lasting impression. With our expertise, we flawlessly integrate your illustrations and text, carefully selecting the perfect typography and colors to enhance the overall aesthetic. Additionally, we skillfully design your front and back matter pages, ensuring a polished and professional finish.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Introducing Our Illustration Packages

Spot Illustrations Up to 30 illustrations available

  • Small, simple illustrations to liven up a page with text.
  • They’re a quarter of a page or less with no background.
  • Can be placed as a chapter heading, corner decoration, or next to/within a body of text.
  • One character or subject OR
  • Two simple characters/objects
  • Additional Page - $30 per Small, Simple illustration.

Half Page Illustration Up to 25 illustrations available

  • As the name says, this is an illustration that fills half a page.
  • While it can be detailed, because of its smaller size, the background will be less detailed than a full page illustration.
  • Up to two characters
  • Detailed background
  • Extra characters - $15 each
  • Additional Page - $60 per Half Page illustration.

Full Page Illustration Up to 25 illustrations available

  • This is a full page illustration where we pull out all the stops and include lots of detail!
  • We can also leave space for text if needed.
  • Up to three characters
  • Detailed background
  • Extra characters - $15 each
  • Additional Page - $80 per Full-Page illustration.

Spread Illustration Up to 25 illustrations available

  • Spread across two full pages, normally with text on the illustration.
  • While a mix of different illustration sizes makes a beautiful book, going all out and making your entire book double-page spreads will undoubtedly will make it amazing!
  • Up to six characters
  • Detailed background
  • Extra characters - $15 each
  • Additional Page - $120 per Spread across two full pages.

Book Cover Design

  • Have a custom illustration created for your cover, plus a beautiful design, ready for ebook and print!
  • Front, back and spine designed.
  • Custom Illustration
  • Title beautifully designed.
  • All required text and graphics added.
  • ISBN and barcode added.
  • Includes paperback, hardcover and ebook formats.
  • Set up for you chosen publishing platform(s).

Book Design

  • The last step is your interior book design. Here we lay out your illustrations and add all the text, choosing the perfect typography and colors.
  • We also create your front and back matter pages.
  • Up to 32 pages. An additional $5 per page after that.
  • Typography suited to book.
  • Customized typography colors.
  • Full book layout.
  • Print-ready and ebook files.

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At Worldwide Publicists, we understand the significance of illustrations in making your book a visual masterpiece. Our team of skilled artists and designers will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. Trust in our expertise and let your book shine with captivating illustrations and professional publishing. Take your readers on an immersive journey with your words and the enchanting visuals of your creation.