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Why To Choose Online Press Release

Worldwide Publicists will help you attain online recognition through an online press release, which can exponentially increase your global reach.

Many people follow online press releases, yet only a few know how powerful this medium can be. Through this tool, we release a topic related to your book and discuss it on a public platform. Our focus remains on your book’s publicity. We carefully handpick a topic for the press release to capture the audience’s attention and give your book the right exposure.

Worldwide Publicists’ primary aim is to gather interest in an author’s book and spark curiosity among readers to know more about it. Hence, this publicity service sets a relevant tone, ensuring that the messages are heard – not just to promote the book’s appearance, but also its content.

An Online Press Release serves as a gateway for a writer to write an intensive article about the book and what makes it worth reading. We, at Worldwide Publicists, ensure that your place in the market becomes permanent by consistently releasing updates about your book.

While one can write their own press release, spreading the information effectively requires appropriate distribution channels. That’s where we stand with you – to help you raise awareness and recognition of your name and your work across the web.


Reach Global Recognition

With WORLD WIDE PUBLICISTS’s online press release service, attain online recognition that catapults your book’s reach to a global audience. Harness the power of this medium, which holds immense potential in expanding your book’s presence.


Spark Curiosity and Interest

Our focus remains on sparking curiosity among readers about your book. Carefully handpicked topics ensure your press release captures the attention of the audience, driving interest and engagement.


Gateway to Showcasing Your Book

An online press release becomes a gateway for you to pen an intensive article about your book’s essence and what makes it a must-read. We ensure your presence in the market remains steady, consistently updating the world about your book.

Features of WORLD WIDE PUBLICISTS’s Online Press Release


Virtually 100% Integration into Google News

Your content becomes accessible to internet news readers and is indexed globally by news aggregators like Google News, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Syndication into Business News or Related Websites

Reach the right audience through syndication into business news and related websites, amplifying your book’s exposure in relevant circles.


Webmaster Guidelines Compliant and SEO Optimized

Our online press releases adhere to webmaster guidelines and are search engine optimized, ensuring maximum visibility and reach.


Permanently Available Online

Your press release remains accessible online indefinitely, continuously attracting potential readers to discover your book.


Proof of Delivery and Data Report

Rest assured with proof of delivery and a comprehensive data report after a month, providing valuable insights into your press release’s performance.

Let WORLDWIDE PUBLICISTS Elevate Your Online Presence

Our expertise and distribution channels ensure your press release reaches a wider audience, raising awareness and recognition of your name and work across the web. Embrace the power of online press release with World Wide Publicists, and watch your book’s influence soar to new heights!

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