Termination & Refunds Policy

All authors have the option to terminate the Service, and refund requests may only be made under the following conditions:
If you choose to discontinue your service with us, we will halt any further work on your services upon receiving your cancellation request form or email. However, the eligibility for a refund will depend on the specific time and date of the service signup.

Conditions for Refunds

a. Customers may request a 100% refund if they cancel within 24-72 hours (3 business days) after signing up for the service, excluding any costs, expenses, and/or transaction fees incurred during that time.
b. If the service signup extends beyond three (3) business days, the customer may not be eligible for a full refund once the service has commenced.

Additionally, we will not honor any refund requests under the following circumstances:
1. Any dissatisfaction or invalid refund requests received after the Author has approved the demo website and acquired the domain and hosting, or after the service has been completed.
2. Refund requests based on the absence of services that were never claimed, promised, or listed on our website.

In the event that an Author deliberately initiates a dispute or chargeback despite agreeing to the Termination and Refund Policy, we will respond accordingly to protect the company’s interests. Appropriate damaging fees, starting from $20, will be charged, and the subsequent amount will depend on the severity of the damage and claims.

Our Duties upon Termination

Within five (5) days after the Termination of this Agreement, We will cease all promotion, sale, and distribution of Your Work. Furthermore, we will deactivate your featured book on Worldwide Publicists website and cancel any service package inclusions.

Timing of Refund; Non-Refundable Fees

We will make reasonable efforts to process any Refund due within thirty-five (35) days after the date of the Termination Letter Request, unless extenuating circumstances or disagreements regarding the applicability or amount of the Refund arise. The Refund will be issued through the same payment mechanism used for the original payment, or any other mechanism of our choosing if the original payment method is no longer available. Please note that non-refundable fees, such as the Setup Fee or the Bank Transaction Fee, will not be subject to a Refund, regardless of the circumstance leading to the Termination of the applicable Service Order or this Agreement.

Refund Request Procedures

All cancellations, refunds, and termination requests must be submitted in writing. If you are dissatisfied with the services provided, please notify us, and we will make every effort to resolve the situation to the best of our ability. However, if you still wish to proceed with canceling your services, requesting a refund, or terminating your Agreement, we require a two-day written notice from you. Your request must include your contact details and the reasons for the cancellation, refund, or termination of your service. We recommend sending an email to production@worldwidepublicists.com and also calling us to ensure receipt of your request. Upon receiving your notice to terminate the service, we will process your refund back to your account within 5-7 business banking days, provided you comply with the Termination and Refund Policy outlined herein.

We aim to offer you the best possible experience with us and appreciate your understanding of our policies.