Hush, Hush, Little Baby

Ellen Hahn, PhD.
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  • Publisher : Worldwide Publicists
  • Publication Date : May 2024
  • Pages : 125
  • Product Dimensions : 5.5x 8.5
  • Genre : Memoir
  • Paperback ISBN : 978-1-963757-21-7
  • Hardcover ISBN : 978-1-963757-22-4

Ellen R. Hahn, PhD., is a retired reading and math teacher living in Washington State. She was raised on a small dairy farm in rural New York State and has lived in Washington for many years. Ellen earned her BA and MA degrees from the SUNY syem in New York State and her Phd. from the University of WA. She is married and has three grown daughter and several grandchildren. She loves her family, flower gardening, crosswords, reading, her cat and traveling with her husband. This book reveals how she and her family moved from tears to triumph in the wake of sexual abuse. Ellen credits her Christian faith with the miraculous healing from sexual abuse.

This inspirational memoir tells how one family dealt with sexual abuse over two generations and the impact of Christian faith on healing the victims. The author, Ellen, was sexually abused as a young girl, and sadly she married a man who sexually abused her own daughter. The book starts with vivid memories of the author’s sexual abuse and then depicts the horror of the realization that her own husband was sexually abusing her young daughter. The book takes the reader through the amazing journey of the author’s family as they deal with the complex processes of Child Protective Services, Sexual Assault Unit, the justice system, divorce, counseling, and eventual healing. Ellen reveals characteristics displayed by her ex-husband, which can help other women identify pedophiles. Ellen unabashedly reveals how hope and joy is restored to her family through Christian love and forgiveness.


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