Welcome to World Wide Publicists, the gateway to connect with your prospects and readers in the online world. As an author, we understand that your voice and your book’s identity are paramount. That’s why we meticulously design a marketing campaign that truly reflects your brilliance and delivers your masterpiece to the world.

Your Path to Global Recognition

To set your book on the path to success, we need some essential information from you, such as the ISBN number, publisher, and publishing date. We also require your full name and/or pen name, address, and contact information.  With these details, we’ll create a tailor-made marketing strategy that perfectly aligns with your vision. The campaign will be shaped based on the package you choose, ensuring you get the most out of our services.

You Own Your Story

At World Wide Publicists, we believe in empowering authors. You retain all the rights to your book while we take charge of designing and maintaining your online branding and marketing. Discover more about our non-exclusive, open-ended Author Service Agreement to see why we stand out amidst numerous marketing firms and platforms.

Beyond Expertise, a True Commitment

We understand that true success requires more than just hiring an expert. It demands dedication and commitment to achieving realistic goals that cater to the specific needs and continuity of your book. With us by your side, you’ll experience unwavering support on your journey to literary triumph.

Boost Your Book’s Visibility and Sales

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro in the book industry, effective marketing strategies are vital to elevate your book’s visibility and boost sales. Our marketing platforms are not only solid and timely but also consistent, ensuring a smart and efficient approach to captivate your target audience.

Your Privacy Matters

While your readers have access to your book’s resources on your website, your privacy remains our utmost priority. World Wide Publicists takes every measure to safeguard your personal information, giving you peace of mind.

Strength in Author Branding

Our mission is to fortify your online presence and visibility as an author. By focusing on enhancing your author brand and refining your book’s identity, we garner more and more credibility among other book publicity firms.

Discover World Wide Publicists

In the vast sea of marketing options, World Wide Publicists shines as your ultimate ally. With our commitment to your success and dedication to crafting remarkable marketing campaigns, we pave the way for your book’s well-deserved recognition.

Join forces with World Wide Publicists, and let’s embark on this journey together towards a bright and prosperous literary future!